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We opened our first shop in Brook Green in May 2011. The aim, then and now, was to make our favourite fish & chips the way we thought they should be - simple, fresh and tasty.

So fresh fish (from sustainable sources), twice-cooked chips, handmade salads, mushy peas and batters, great beers and coffees, environmentally friendly packaging and a nice place to sit down.

And no to preservatives, no to food from a packet, no to dirty oil, no to neon lights and no to soggy chips.

We've opened some more shops since then, each with their own style, but all with a commitment to producing the best fish & chips we can.

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  • LocalEditorEaling

    20-Jul-2014 Report

    This restaurant has many great reviews from the likes of Financial Times, Sunday Telegraph, Time Out and many more. Nigella Lawson swears by their fish butty. Do I need to carry on?

    It's a stylish looking place with some nice touches, modern but has a warm retro seaside feel to it.

    There is a good range of fish (coley, pollock, cod, haddock and plaice), either battered, grilled or fried in matzo meal. I had grilled plaice served simply as it, with a lemon wedge, no gimmicks, no fuss, just well-seasoned fresh plaice – dreamy!
    My husband had battered cod and chips. Cooked to perfection, flaky, with light crispy batter, it was great.
    Kids have their own menu (includes sausages for an alternative) and can get a main meal at £4.50 or main, ice cream and a drink for £5.50.

    The kids had fish bites and chips, and fish fingers and chips. Fish bites were the best. The toddler couldn't get enough. He normally makes a right mess – not this time, I tell ya!

    We also ordered calamari. I think it was my favourite – full of flavour, light and delicious. Sadly, I didn't get to have much – my 5 year old polished off the lot while I was cooling the fish for the youngest.

    Chips are fabulous – twice-cooked and no grease in sight. At £1.90 and for the amount you get, it's great value.

    Their drinks deserve a special mention. Good choice! My husband was very happy to see Dandelion & Burdock on the menu!

    Each table has vinegar and Heinz ketchup. We also ordered curry sauce and lemon mayo both made in-house. Both sauces were delicious, but the curry was definitely the winner with our 16 month old who is not normally keen on table sauces of any kind, ended up dipping all his food in it.

    They were out of coleslaw and potato salads so we went for fennel and dill salad (gorgeous it was) and mushy peas – best mushy peas I have ever had! Bizarrely, a week later, I am still thinking about that peas and trying to figure out why it was so different and delicious.

    The adult portions are generous, and the kids' – are humongous. In hindsight, the kids could have shared.

    Service is prompt and with a smile. They also offer takeaway.

    There are separate male and female single toilets and changing facilities. Kids' drawings are hung on the wall in the corridor – nice touch!

    The only criticism is a common problem we have in London – lack of space. Only a couple of prams with infants could fit, at a push. If you are coming with toddlers, there is some space near the entrance to fold the strollers. We came by car and left the buggy in the boot-problem solved!

    Overall it's an excellent treat for the whole family – we are now well and truly “hooked”. Highly recommend – 5 stars from Mumsnet Ealing!

    Visit our blog for more details and photos. http://mumsnetealing.com/

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