animals parade

Ealing wide

A selection of animals for your little one to enjoy. Most of these are the ELC brand, but there are a few of the Schleich ones too. They are in pairs of either a parent animal and a baby or a family of 2 parents and various young ones, so great for pretend play for both boys and girls!
There are:
a family of penguins;
a zebra adult and a baby;
3 bunnies
a giraffe parent and a baby;
an elephant parent and a baby;
a gorilla dn 2 youngs;
a family of lions and 4 cubs;
3 families of bears -- polar, panda and a brown bear wiht their youngs.
I also have several other animals (on their own) that am happy to pass on too ( a fox, a wolf, an owl, and farm ones)
I am throwing in a large playmat with a scenery on it for FREE too to make the game even more exciting!
From a pet-free and smoke-free home