Edible Ealing Box Scheme

Ealing wide

The Edible Ealing Box scheme will provide customers with a fortnightly supply of seasonal produce containing fruit, vegetables & salad stuff. Our boxes contain as much locally grown fruit and vegetables as possible. The exceptions will be for popular fruits that do not grow in the UK (eg oranges & lemons). In this case we will use a reputable local Organic/Fairtrade wholesale supplier to supplement.

The Boxes will be packed at St Mary's Church, Ealing on Fridays and will be ready for collection between after midday at our various locations across Ealing. Boxes can be collected any time after this.

•There will be an annual membership charge of £10.00.
•Cost of the boxes will vary slightly from week to week, but will never go above £10.00.

•All produce in the boxes is seasonal except where specific non-seasonal items have been requested – these will be charged for at an extra cost.

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