Children and Adults Reflexology

County Wide

I am a qualified reflexologist working from the Haddington Area. I have been qualified a few months now and I am especially passionate about doing childrens sessions.
Reflexolgy has so many health benefits for aduts and children of all ages from babies upwards.
It can give relief from digestive and bladder problems, sleep disorders, stress and anxiety relief and much much more. It works on the basis of using massage techniques on the reflex points of the foot. Each reflex point correspondes to a part of the body. Our body works ultimitley from energy and when our energy channels become blocked and cease to flow freely it can lead to illness and potential illness.
My sessions are charged £15 for 60minute sessions for adults and £7.50 for childrens sessions.

I also can do taster sessions on request.

Please view and like my facebook page for offers and promotions available regualarly.

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