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This brand new type of excercise class is both fun, effective and waist whittling. These hoops, unlike traditional hula hoops are larger, weighted and padded with a wavy inner profile.

Its size and weight makes the hoop easy to use for new comers, challenging the body's core muscles creating a fun, super fast mind-body result for all those that hoop.

Suitable for both men, women and children, my classes are for 16+ yrs to 100!

Powerhooping's full circle training is designed to flatten the stomach, firm up the abs and strengthen the back. Users soon see results in their waist circumference and core strength. With regular use contributing to weight loss/calorie burn, reduced lower back pain and improved co-ordination.

My classes run for 45 mins and include more than just hip twirling!

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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