Roanne Nurseries - Kilham


We are a small family run nursery situated in the heart of the Yorkshire Wolds,most of the perennial plants on the nursery are grown either from seed or cuttings.
At Roanne Nurseries we still remain a traditional nursery supplying good quality plants at a reasonable price,we sell only plants not compost or pots and no coffee shop, which leaves us time to concentrate on the plants
We usually have a good range of cottage garden plants with different ones coming of the propagation benches all the time.
Hardy Fuchsias are also grown on the nursery with over 40 varietys at the moment.
We also grow bedding and basket plants in season and can supply hanging baskets either complete or you can bring your own baskets and have them refilled and kept in our greenhouses until you require them.

We are happy to give advice on any of the plants we grow to customers both new and old.

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