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Beverley Garden Centre


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  • withjamin

    09-May-2013 Report

    Having gone through several different owners, this recently built garden centre is now somewhat less upmarket than it was, but is still a relatively costly option for plants and gardening supplies. Unfortunately the new owners got rid of the lovely toddler soft play area which was a real bonus, and I've only been there a few times since then as I can no longer bribe my DDs to come with me. The cafe is clean and fairly friendly with high chairs available (but I'm sure they used to have colouring things!), and the toilets are spacious with baby changing.
    They have a average range of plants most of the year but nothing very exciting, and much of it seems to have come straight of the ferry from Holland; the Christmas displays are quite entertaining. It could be fab, but is just a leeetle bit off the mark somehow.

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