Paediatric Speech & Language Therapist

County Wide

I am a paediatric Speech and Language Therapist working in East Sussex and Kent. I work for the NHS and as an independent therapist. I have experience of working with children with a wide range of speech, language and communication difficulties, e.g. Autistic Spectrum Disorder, severe speech sound difficulties, learning difficulties. I can provide support in nurseries, schools and at home to develop :

- attention and listening skills
- understanding language
- using language, e.g. constructing sentences
- learning vocabulary
- social interactions
- talking clearly
- awareness of the sound structure of words, e.g. syllables, first and last speech sound to support the development of literacy skills
- use of strategies, e.g. to support short term memory difficulties

If you have any concerns about your child's speech, language or communication skills, please get in touch.

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