Pells Pool


  • Brook Street, Lewes, BN7 2BA


  • £4 adults, £2 Juniors (under 16s), £10.50 family

  • 21-Jun-15 to 21-Jun-20

  • Mon-Fri, Sat, Sun, 7-9am (June onwards) + noon to 7pm Mon-Fri; Sat + Sun noon to 7pm (May) then 10am to 7pm May 30 onwards, 16 May-13 Sept 2015

  • All ages

Pells Pool is a spring-fed, outdoor public pool in Lewes. It's 50 yards (46m) by 25 years (23m). There are facilities for the whole family to enjoy, from our tree-lined green lawn, sun terrace and exercise lane, to our children's paddling pool, rafts and other recreational equipment.

Come for the day and enjoy a picnic on the tree-lined lawn. We sell snacks, coffee and tea, soft drinks and ice cream. The Pleasant Stores stall at the pool also provides delicious baked goods.

The pool is heated only by the sun, so the water is cool at the start of the season and warms up as the weeks go by.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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