Local Landmarks in Eastbourne

Beachy head Town wide

The dramatic 530 feet high cliffs of Beachy Head give stunning views over Eastbourne and the English Channel. Walk from the foot of Beachy Head or climb to the top for dramatic...

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MARTELLO TOWERS Eastbourne centre

At the end of the 18th century and also in the early 19th century, 14 individual Martello Towers were built on the westerly coast of Pevensey Bay, to provide a strategic defence...

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Eastbourne Town Hall Eastbourne centre

Eastbourne Town Hall is a prominent sight on Grove Road and stands at the point where this stretch joins with South Street. Construction of the Town Hall commenced in 1883 and was...

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Seven Sisters Town wide

One of the most famous naturally created landmarks in East Sussex, the Seven Sisters are actually a series of dramatic chalk cliffs and dominate this part of the coastline of the...

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Eastbourne Pier Eastbourne centre
disabled access

The building of Eastbourne Pier commenced in 1866 and although it was officially opened in 1870, it was not actually completed in its entirety until 1872. However, as soon after...

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