Speak Out! French and German


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Speak Out!'s purpose is to give language learners the confidence to talk, opening the doors for new travel experiences. Traditional language classes focusing on textbooks and writing are fine for exams but if you want to be able to communicate, you need to have the confidence to speak!<br /><br />Each 10 week French and German course is tailored to your needs and focuses on speaking and understanding the language in small groups. Every class is designed to be fun, practical and to build your confidence. As part of each course, there is an optional long weekend to France or Germany to practise what you have learned.<br /> <br />Whether you're a complete beginner or a rusty learner, forget the textbooks and grammar guides and learn to Speak Out with confidence!<br /> <br />NEW COURSES STARTING JANUARY 2013 AT VENUES ACROSS EDINBURGH.<br /> <br />REGISTER &amp; PAY BY END OF NOVEMBER TO RECEIVE FREE DICTIONARY.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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