Bruntsfield Woodcraft Folk


There are four children's groups covering all ages from 4-15 meet every week on Friday evenings at Bruntsfield Primary School. The four groups are-

Red Squirrel Woodchips- 4-6 year olds (3 year olds with parents)
Bluebell Meadows Elfins- 6-9 year olds
Silver Birch Pioneers- 10-12 year olds
Cherry Blossom Venturer- 13-16 year olds

Activities are extremely varied and including night walks, crafts, bonfires, games, cardboard cities, flour trails and much more. Group nights are led by local volunteers and parents.

Our aim is to have fun, but also to try and develop children's self-confidence and build their awareness of society around them. By encouraging children to think, we hope they will help build a peaceful, fairer world.

Woodcraft Folk is a volunteer led charity and there is a small charge of subs per term to cover running costs.

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