Bugaboo Repair & Service


Bugaboo repairs and servicing all models. <br /><br />Is your Bugaboo out of warranty? <br /><br />We can do simple repairs while you wait. No charge for assessment. <br /><br />Buttons jammed. <br />Parts worn out. <br />Breaks not working. <br />Chassis not folding or jammed - this is a common fault and can be repaired, no need to buy a new chassis. <br /><br />We can fit a new break cable for &pound;11. <br /><br />Servicing &pound;20 - breaks, chassis, mechanics &amp; wheels. <br />Repair &pound;20 + parts. <br />Valet from &pound;30. <br /><br />Give us a phone 0131 226 4141 for a quote or just pop in to our Stockbridge shop any time. <br /><br />We accept credit cards and all work has a 3 month warranty. <br /><br />Tue-Sat 10-5pm. <br />Sun 12-4pm. <br /><br /><br />Relove. <br />17 St Stephen St, <br />Edinburgh. <br />EH3 5AN. <br />0131 226 4141 <br /><br />Tue-Sat 10-5pm <br /><br />Visit our Facebook page for more details with over 580 likes relove.edinburgh

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