Deep Sea World Christmas Party


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Saturday 20th December 5:30-7:30 pm

Come help the Deep Sea Elves find their good friend Santa. All children will be treated to a tour of our Winter Wonderland Aquarium in their search for Santa. They will be taken down to our underwater tunnel if they can get past the magic doors. Rumour has it that they only open to the sound of a classic Christmas song.

So where is Santa? Maybe he's trying to squeeze into one of our diver suits, ready to jump in the water and give his shark friends their Christmas presents?

Our parties include food, party games and a festive disco as well as a chance to meet Santa and get a present all for only £12.95 per child (plus one FREE adult / additional adults £10.25).

Come along and help us find him!

For large group booking independent group parties can be arranged for Friday, Saturday and Sunday's.

Call 01383 411880 to book

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