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Leading company for domestic services
We offer domestic cleaning, carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, ironing service & garden maintenance
Ability to repsond to requests within 24 hours
Highly trained, fully vetted motivated staff
10 million insurance (proof available on request)
Contents insurance for damages
We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction
Need A Clean provides cleaning services in North London. Our cleaning company was founded in 2006 to offer a high standard, quality and affordable solution for domestic cleaning and other domestic services in North London and surrounding areas. Many years later we have a great team of highly trained, skilled workers and a multitude of satisfied customers.

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    11-Jun-2015 Report

    AWFUL company- avoid at all costs. I booked them to do my spring cleaning on 24 April (6hrs). Got a call that morning to say the cleaner booked was ill (apparently she had never let them down before) and someone else was coming instead. Cleaner arrived, clearly hadn't been briefed (asked if wanted a clean because of 'a party or something'). I, again, explained that I have a weekly cleaner but wanted my spring cleaning done- so, all furniture out, mirrors, frames, curtain poles, blinds etc. She said that was fine. She started upstairs and then said to me that she wouldn't need 6 hrs, she could do it in 4 and she also had to get to another job!!!!! I had to leave for a couple of hours at that point and left her to it. When I got back, she was ready to leave so I paid her and then checked everything afterwards. I was fuming because the house hadn't been cleaned properly at all. There was dust under/behind furniture, dust on the mirror frames. I immediately sent the following email, along with 24 photos:

    Hi Angie

    I just left a VM for you and am following up with an email, as promised. Sally came this morning and did four hours instead of six, saying that she wouldn't need that long. I was clear that I wanted the place spring cleaning from top to bottom, walls, coving, skirting boards done, lights, doors, behind and under furniture etc- as I made clear in my initial emails to you. She had to rush off as she had a other job to go to she said so I paid her £49 in cash and checked everything afterwards.

    I'm pretty horrified by the sloppiness and feel that this morning has been a waste of time. There is furniture which hasn't been moved and cleaned behind (like the two pieces I have in the hall) or it has but the actual back of the furniture has been left covered in dust, the tops of the radiators haven't been touched and nor have they been hoovered underneath or on top. The doors and frames haven't been touched at all. The limescale in the bathrooms is the same, none of it had been scrubbed off. The plug sockets haven't been cleaned. The mirror frames are still dusty. She hasn't hoovered under the sofas properly or under the rugs/mats. The top of the fridge wasn't done, nor the top of the kitchen units. I could go on to be honest but I'm sure you get the picture. I've included some photos so you can see the proof.

    I either want a full refund or the job to be done again by someone more competent and thorough. I've been clear about what I wanted from the outset and feel very upset right now.

    I also tried to call Angie, but the phone never seems to be answered. She emailed me back 2 days later and said:

    I am absolutely mortified by this, i cannot believe Sally has not done specifically what i have asked. This is so not like her. Let me know when is a good day and time and i will personally come and do it myself

    I followed up with an email giving dates and never heard from her. I kept trying to chase her over the next week, calling a lot. When I called from my mobile number, it went straight to her voicemail but from my home phone it rang and then went to voicemail (so I think my mobile number was blocked). I eventually got though to her out of the blue one week later and she said she had emailed me confirming a date and had I not got it?! Explained that I hadn't and nothing in my junk mail either. She gave a date I could no longer do and we agreed on 29 May at 9:30. Lo and behold, Angie never turned up! I called many times (again, from my mobile it went straight to VM and rang from landline), left many messages, sent many emails. I also contacted her via Facebook message and left a comment on one of the page's photos asking her to call me about the no show. I never received a call or an email, nor a response via FB. Instead she blocked me from writing comments on the Facebook page and has continued to ignore me. I left one final VM and said that she was leaving me no choice but to inform as many people as possible what sort of company they are. They have taken £49 from me- don't let this happen to you.

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