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GOLDILOCK AND THE THREE BEARS<br />If you go down to the wood today you are in for a Skewbald Surprise.<br />Take three bears, three bowls, three chairs, one uninvited guest. <br /><br />Stir into the mix a Skewbald secret recipe and eclectic blend of puppetry, song, music and geeky quirkiness. <br />Bake for 50 minutes and the result is a fun, captivating, amusing show for the whole family.<br />Can Mummy bear win a prize for her cakes at the annual Teddy Bears Picnic? Will Baby Bear find that missing toy? Will Daddy Bear ever wake up? And what will become of their clumsy intruder. <br />Skewbald takes this enchanting fairy tale, shakes up the recipe and promises a family treat that isn't too sweet, isn't too bitter but is just right.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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