FaceFrame 3D Eyebrows - mobile in Essex


Do you have no or little eyebrow hair? Overplucked in the past and the brow doesn't start or end where its supposed to? Do you have gaps in your eyebrows, want them to be thicker or want a new shape? A BREAKTHROUGH INVENTION IN EYEBROW ENHANCEMENT
Originally invented for cancer patients or people with alopecia and permanent scarring who have little or no eyebrow hair, faceframe 3D eyebrows has been developed into an in-salon beauty treatment which is suitable for almost everyone wishing to enhance their natural brows and frame their face.Faceframe 3D Eyebrows is a fantastically simple concept - it is the application of synthetic eyebrow hairs fixed directly onto the skin - for bespoke three dimensional brow design.Ideal for thickening, lengthening, defining and creating a full brow. Lasts up to 14 days
Prices: £30 for a full set of brows & £20 for a partial brow

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