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Cleaners of Ilford


Cleaners of Ilford keep service prices within reasonable limits through the application of the most efficient cleaning techniques, and the use of professional grade cleaning equipment and materials as this allows for better results, reduced cleaning time and no risk of damage. Pair this with our minimum water and resource waste, and you have cost efficiency in action.

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  • jackbnks

    08-Apr-2014 Report

    A house does not become a home until you've put in your special touch. For most people, that means cleaning it, or having it cleaned to one's own standards. Well, this company turned the house we had just purchased into the spotless dream home we were longing for.

  • ki4nrnd4ll

    18-Feb-2014 Report

    We spoke to the manager about cleaning the house we just moved into. On cleaning day, two cleaners arrived on time and did an very thorough job of wiping down every wall, cleaning the floors and all the rooms.

  • erinwillns

    17-Jan-2014 Report

    The team showed up at my house on time, they were pleasant, hard-working young women, a supervisor came by the house in the early afternoon to check up on how we were getting along. I just generally felt well-looked after and not neglected.

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