Vibrant Life has been set up by Jenny Taylor. After practicing Acupuncture in Zanzibar, India, Nepal and Cambodia she decided to bring all her experience home to the UK.

Jenny's idea behind Vibrant Life is that we are our most vibrant when we can experience life in its full technicolor. Sometimes our experience gets disrupted by changes in health and using Acupuncture can be of help to get us back in balance and find a sense of wellbeing again.

Jenny has a BSc Acupuncture from The Northern College of Acupuncture in York which is affiliated by Middlesex University.

She sees Acupuncture as something that can teach us to feel our bodies, know them better and empower us toward better health without the side effects of some other medicines. She will endevour to see how Acupuncture can fit for you and help you from the place you are at right now.

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