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  • confusedofengland

    05-Nov-2014 Report

    DH & I went to this restaurant for brunch with our DSes - 5, 3, 8 months, to test the breakfast menu for MN.
    We thought this branch of Bella felt family-run - it was v friendly & the service & food was v good. The place itself was OK but a bit tired-looking, in particular the toilets really needed updating.
    The food quality was good but not excellent, perhaps like a decent hotel breakfast. It was well cooked, although my fried eggs were hard.
    The grown-up menu was great, but DC's menu not so much - only 2 choices. A few other options for DC such as cereal, fruit would be good.
    I had steak & eggs, DH had the Gigante, big DSes had cooked breakfast & DS3 the pancake smiley face. The cooked meals were a good size, but the pancake was tiny. It was enough for our baby, but probably not for DC over 5. Free drink refills were a bonus!
    We would definitely go back, especially for a special offer.

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