HypnoBirthdays- Hypnobirthing Classes


Hypnobirthing prepares a mother to work with her body to achieve a calm, easier, more comfortable birth, for herself and her baby. Whilst it doesn't promise a perfect natural birth, it gives you the confidence to be in control of your birthing experience, and to have the best birth for you, whatever the circumstances.

More and more midwives are recommending hypnobirthing classes to their patients, and many are studying hypnobirthing themselves because they have seen the amazing benefits the techniques can bring.

Giving birth is a life changing experience, and making it one you want to remember is a wonderful birthday gift to your baby and yourselves.

Classes are run by Keri Jarvis, a fully qualified specialist hypnobirthing teacher, whose first baby was born using hypnobirthing. HypnoBirthdays teaches KG Hypnobirthing, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

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