Sukkerz Foot Spa

Exeter Centre

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Sukkerz is Exeter's newest and most exciting Garra Rufa Fish Foot Spa based in South Street Central Exeter

Sukkerz foot spa is a natural and completely safe pedicure treatment which originally comes from Turkey and is performed all across the far east of the world. It's great fun as a group or individually, both being extremely enjoyable.

Sukkerz can offer you a foot massage without having the fish pedicure treatment if fish are not your cup of tea, or if you just need some pampering.

Using Kaeso scented creams we will release tension from the soles of your feet whilst massaging heel, toes and arch. Finished with a quick hygiene spray leaving your feet refreshed, nourished and feeling lighter then air!

We also offer tanning, threading, a nail technician and massage on-site.

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