Torbay Tutors 11+ Tutoring and Mock Exams

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Torbay Tutors provide 11+ tuition for years 4 and 5; 11+ mock exams from March to September; and 11+ intensive &quot;bootcamps&quot;.<br /><br />Torbay Tutors is run by Kate; a qualified and experienced primary school teacher and full time 11+ tutor.<br /><br />Tuition is offered in Torquay, Paignton, Newton Abbot and Totnes. Tuition is in small groups of upto 5 children which work really well with the children encouraging each other. There is also a bit of friendly competition!<br /><br />Mock Exams are held in Torquay.<br /><br />Mock exams are a vital part of any child's preparation for the 11+. Ours exams are designed specifically for the Torbay 11+ for which they provide excellent preparation. <br /><br />It is only fair to point out that the Colyton and Plymouth schools' exams are different so our tests are only of limited use for these. <br /><br />You can book on our website and we would be delighted to answer e-mail or telephone enquiries.

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