Devon Mobile Disco

Exeter Centre

A disco for our younger customers is as important as a disco for a wedding and we believe in making it as enjoyable as possible.

Our discos are aimed at age 5 and over, and change the older the children get.

Packages are for 2 hours which is run on the basis of two 45 minute sessions of fun, games and dancing, with a 30 minute break for the food that you have provided.

One thing you do not have to worry about is the children. Our staff will entertain them. As hosts you will not have to do anything except feed them!

We are interactive with the children right from the start. Games such as musical bumps are standard, as well as some of our own games with space hoppers and balloons.

Party dances capture children's attention, and having a staff member at the front to show them the dances makes it fun and keeps them focused as well.

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