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Group meet-ups in St Thomas & Exwick are organised by Local Mumsnetter Volunteer LocalEditorExeter.

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  • Thanks so much for your message *mummymi* - made my day. Sorry for slow response - I was on holiday last week and in birthday planning chaos week before!! Our next meet up is this Friday if you fancy coming along again. There should be more in the future too - fingers crossed - as Pizza Stein love having us.

    Please don't hesitate to leave any feedback on how we can improve it.

    It might be nice to have a regular day for it so it's easier to keep track of when it is.

  • mummymi 30-Jun-2016 17:32 Add message | Message poster

    Thank you for the pizza stein meet up last week. We really enjoyed it x

  • Hello. It's been a while. I am sorry that we haven't managed to organise any meet ups recently. But we're back in business now!
    We have the following meets coming up:

    Weds 18 May, 11.30am-1pm, Pizza Bambini Toddler Club - come and make pizza with your toddler at Pizza Stein on the Quay.
    (£10 per parent + child, includes food and drinks for you both, plus unlimited hot drinks for weary parents). Additional child £5, or can share.
    If you would prefer not to pay for lunch, I'm planning to get to Quay for 10am to have a walk/scoot/meander along the quay with my boys, Meet outside info centre).

    Fri 20 May - same again but an after school club (4-6pm). Price £12 includes ice cream as well as above.

    Weds 25 May - Mums' Night Out - it's about time we treated ourselves to a night off. Same venue - Pizza Stein, 7.30pm onwards, £15 for two courses.

    Hope to see you there - please let us know on here if you can make it. Full details here: