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A futuristic musical comedy of love, revenge and short circuits<br /><br />When power is cut off from the Eternalife Cryonics facility, Dr Frankenstein must race against time to construct a superhuman of epic proportions that can carry the precious genes of the rich and famous into the future.<br /><br />His cut and paste creation is a hideous mistake. Feared by its creator, shunned by the world, the monster takes revenge. It craves the one thing it can never have&hellip; LOVE!<br /><br />Miracle Theatre's adaptation of Mary Shelley's gothic novel is set in the distant future. Complete with original foot-tapping songs, dazzling dance routines and Technicolor wizardry, Miracle transforms this dark classic into thoughtful but eye-wateringly funny family entertainment.<br /><br />Suitable for all ages but recommended for children aged 7+.<br /><br />&lsquo;A glorious blend of tradition and innovation' <br />WHAT'S ON SOUTH WEST

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