Local Landmarks in Exeter

Powderham Castle, Deer Park & Gardens Powerham Castle Exeter outskirts
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Powderham Castle is located in a unique, picturesque setting just outside Exeter, beside the Exe estuary. Six hundred years of history are contained within the walls of one of...

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The House That Moved (The Merchant's House) Alphington

If you're visiting the city's eclectic West Quarter, take a moment to wander down West Street and discover the story of this tenacious little Tudor house that was once lifted onto...

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Exeter Cathedral Exeter City Centre Exeter Centre

Pilgrims and visitors have been making their way to Exeter Cathedral since medieval times. It is one of the most visited places in the west country. Built in the decorated gothic...

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Exeter's Underground Passages Exeter Centre

Exeter's Underground Passages were built to house the pipes that brought clean drinking water into medieval Exeter. A guided tour of Exeter's Underground Passages is a memorable...

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