Parks & Playgrounds in Exeter

King George V Park Countess Wear & Digby
1 review 1-Mar-13 to 1-Mar-15
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Quayside Playpark Exeter Quay St Thomas & Exwick
16-Apr-13 to 16-Apr-15

Locally known as the "Pirate Swings," this small play area, best suited to children under 10, is just across the suspension bridge from Exeter Quayside, making it a good place to...

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Clyst Heath Play Park Clyst Heath Play Park Countess Wear & Digby
1 review 29-Apr-13 to 29-Apr-15

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Gruffalo Child Activity Trail Haldon Forest Park Exeter outskirts
3-Oct-14 to 28-Feb-15

Open daily from 3 October to 28 February. No booking is required. Suitable for ages two to eight. Venture in to the deep dark wood to find our giant Gruffalo sculpture. Find the...

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Find Exeter's Playgrounds Playmapp Exeter wide
6-Jan-15 to 6-Jan-17 shows the locations of over 120 free play areas in and around Exeter.

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