Parks & Playgrounds in Exeter

Exeter Catacombs St Bartholomew's Cemetary Exeter Centre
1-Oct-12 to 31-Oct-14
Set in a quiet green space against the city wall two minutes from the main shopping centre, Exeter Catacombs is an historic cemetery and an architectural oddity, constructed in...
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Belle Isle Park St Leonards
27-Oct-12 to 31-Oct-14
disabled access Opened in 1992, Belle Isle is Exeter's newest park. With a view of Trews Weir Allotments and a placid River Exe, the park is a favourite spot for lunchtime picnicking and casual...
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King George V Park Countess Wear & Digby
1 review 1-Mar-13 to 1-Mar-15
disabled access
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Quayside Playpark Exeter Quay St Thomas & Exwick
16-Apr-13 to 16-Apr-15
Locally known as the "Pirate Swings," this small play area, best suited to children under 10, is just across the suspension bridge from Exeter Quayside, making it a good place to...
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Clyst Heath Play Park Clyst Heath Play Park Countess Wear & Digby
1 review 29-Apr-13 to 29-Apr-15
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