Tea in the City

Exeter Centre

Once upon a day not so long ago, a twenty-something sat and contemplated life within the four walls of the corporate world, and made a decision, either – live in the 9-5 world for the next 40 years or take her love of all things beautiful to share – this is where Tea in the City was born.

There is something rather fabulous about an English tea party; instantly images of glamour, sophistication and decadent soirées of yesteryear flash through the mind.

Each item that I have collected for your fabulous event has a history; quirky, original pieces are stylishly mismatched to liven up your table.

From luggage label place settings to cupcakes served in vintage champagne glasses and handmade chocolates for each of your guests to take away – the party is your oyster and each is bespoke just for you.

Every cake is lovingly handmade just for you in my hygiene 5 rated kitchen.

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