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Purple Sprouting Broccoli (PSB) is coming into season. Store in the fridge, ideally in a plastic bag to keep in the moisture. Use the whole thing; stalks, leaves, the lot, but trim the bottom of the stalk lightly if it's very large and tough. Split any larger stalks to help the broccoli cook more evenly. Goes well with bacon and anchovies.

Hello! I am Matt, your local Riverford vegman for Exeter. I live locally with my wife, Jane, and our children, Alice and Samuel. We really enjoy trying out new recipes together using our box contents (and the Riverford Cookbook!). I have been a Riverford customer for many years so when the opportunity came up to look after the Exeter and East Devon area I jumped at the chance. If you need any help choosing the right box for your family, or have any questions get it touch. I look forward to hearing from you, Matt.

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