The Forgetful Elephant

County Wide

To raise children's awareness of dementia, this story is about a little elephant called Ellie who is going to visit her grandparents. She is a bit upset because the last time she saw her Grandpa he couldn't remember her. Her mummy, Mrs Trunk, explains the reason why Grandpa is forgetting things now, in a way she can understand. Ellie finds ways to help Grandpa to remember her, and at the end of the story she sets off to visit him, a much happier little elephant.
New print and ebook editions of The Forgetful Elephant are now published, with more of Barbara Dessi's charming illustrations, which bring even more smiles while reading the story. I offer free guidelines for telling the story
and Ellie Sessions, interactive storytelling sessions, raising children's awareness of dementia. Ellie Sleepover Packs are also available for further activities.