Ellie Sleepover Pack

County Wide

As part of my Ellie Memory Helper Campaign I offer the Ellie Sleepover Pack, to further engage children and their families in the content of The Forgetful Elephant story, to help raise children's awareness of dementia in the community. Often after I have held an Ellie Session at a school, the children are very keen to take Ellie home to meet their families. I invite Primary Schools, children's clubs and other community groups to adopt Ellie Sleepover Packs. Each child in the group can take Ellie and my book home, and share the story with friends and family. A notebook is included to record who Ellie met and where, and what experiences she enjoyed as a guest of the child. Children are encouraged to draw pictures, take photos and write about Ellie, and their interpretation of The Forgetful Elephant story. Parents are also welcome to comment. http://www.irenemackay.com/sleepover-pack/