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Group meet-ups in Fife wide are organised by Local Mumsnetter Volunteer LEDundeeAngus.

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  • Sorry to hear that, there is a lot of stuff going round just now, chickenpox is the main one round here! Hope she gets well soon. We will leave the meetup today too but will look out for the next one. See you soon :)

  • No worries, Polkadotsrock. Hope your move went smoothly.

    I am afraid I won't make the meetup today either - daughter was sick during the night and is off school today. If you are intending to go along, please put a message either here or on the talk thread so that the others know. Thanks, Lynn

  • I've moved and not updated this, sorry ladies. Have a wonderful time :)

  • Could you let me know if you are coming to this meetup? Thanks