Pregnancy Massage

Glasgow centre

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Pregnancy is a time of grace and nurturing peace. Balance in the body is essential so the developing baby feels secure and happy. This is the focus of all our pregnancy treatments at our Glasgow spa hotel.
ila Mother-to-be (Pre-natal) - £80.00 (55 minutes)
This is a blissful experience for both Mum and baby that uses gentle, slow and rhythmic lymphatic massage techniques to promote deep well-being and peace for you both. Herbal extracts of lavender, camomile and rose oil are used to bring gentle healing energy while warm herb poultices bring a deep sense of nurturing

ila Mother (Post-natal) - £110.00 (90 minutes)
This energising treatment was created to replenish energy at a deep level, restoring and reconnecting the mother's body, mind and spirit.

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