Cloth Nappy Rental and Laundry

West End

Our professional nappy laundry service is very simple and efficient. We will deliver a supply of freshly laundered pure cotton nappies to your door on the same day each week at the same time collecting the soiled nappies for laundering. Enjoy the convenience of cotton nappies without the inconvenience of washing dozens of nappies each week.

We loan you a week's supply of pre-fold nappies and a sturdy storage bin with heavy duty bin liner & deodoriser.
Each week, we collect the soiled nappies and replace them with professionally laundered nappies.When you change baby's nappy, simply put the soiled nappy in the supplied storage container, or if its only slightly used, replace the soaker within the nappy.
You buy or rent the right size waterproof out wrap for your baby from us or elsewhere.

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