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South Side

  • Purple Dove (Yoga) Studio

  • 54 Wilson Place, Nerston Industrial Estate, East Kilbride, East Kilbride, G74 4QD

  • 07805596331


  • Variable please see website for details

I offer appointments for energy healing sessionwork, appointments by contacting me directly ONLY.
Energy Healing Sessions

The 'healing' term is used to give understanding of what you can achieve for yourself. I want you to know that your energy is YOURS. We are not taught that, but it is true. I work with the body and the subtle energies that are non-visible to the human eye. Different energies (life interactions, relationships, personal decisions, life experiences) have affects on our minds, thoughts, feelings, and physical bodies and spiritual bodies and can manifest as diseases and imbalances. Working with the blueprint of the body, the multi-dimensional layers of the aura/lightbody to clear dead energies, and stuck old emotions can assist us in feeling much better and this in turn can help create energetic balance in your own body that will allow healing to take place.
You own your own body and energy field, it's time to become aware of that.
My appointments can be in person or remote. I also run classes to support you in your energetic/intuitive awareness.

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