Natal Hypnotherapy workshops


These workshops, in Cheltenham, can also be in: Bishops Cleeve, Tewkesbury, Winchcombe, Broadway, Chipping Campden. Jul 6 (Natural Pain Relief) &amp; Jul 14th (Practical Birth Preparation), both in Cheltenham.<br /><br />Overcome fear of labour, understand hypnosis. Practice hypnosis &amp; deep relaxation in a small safe group setting. Birth partners learn to support their partner to remain calm &amp; relaxed. <br /><br />Small groups. &quot;The 3 hypnosis sessions were very good but more so was the inclusive nature of the workshop. It was about us as people not just about what is going to happen.&quot;<br /><br />Attend from c.28 weeks - 37 weeks. Receive a free Natal Hypnotherapy CD. These workshops compliment NHS and NCT courses.<br /><br />If you have any concerns about hypnotherapy and want a calm relaxed birth, please call for a chat. Anyone in hypnosis can &quot;come out of it&quot; just like coming out of a daydream.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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