Beanstalks and Beauties


Fairy tale arts extravaganza for children aged 3-4!

Beanstalks and Beauties

Tuesday 10th February 2015 9.30-11.30am

Dormer House School is pleased to invite local children, aged 3-4, to a free, interactive morning of Drama,Dance,Music & Art activities.

The morning will be led by our 3 specialist arts teachers. Their cutting edge approach to Arts teaching ensures each child is immersed in a creative journey. Parents are continually amazed at the impact this has on their child's emotional development, self-esteem & confidence.

Alison Thomas, Headmistress,comments,“A passionate commitment to the Arts reverberates throughout the fabric of Dormer House.We would be delighted to meet your little one on this magical foray into a fairy tale world and enable you to see for yourself how actions speak louder than words!”

To book your place, call 01608 650758, email

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