Lazy Daisy Birthing


If you are looking for a gentle relaxed movement class that will help you to feel confident about birth then Daisy Birthing is for you!

Daisy Birthing is a FEDANT approved birthing concept which helps you to enjoy every step of your pregnancy whilst looking forward to a positive birth.

Using a combination of movements unique to Lazy Daisy, birth education, breathing techniques and relaxation.
We use movement to learn and build muscle memory so when it comes to your birth, you feel confident, in control and you know how to work with your body instinctively.

All that in one class!

Daisy Birthing is suitable for all mums including those who have never attended movement classes before and mums who suffer from SPD or other pregnancy ailments.

Suitable from 14 weeks pregnant, classes are weekly and delivered in 6 week blocks.

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