Woolwich Meet-up

Group meet-ups in Woolwich are organised by Local Mumsnetter Volunteer Leu01cn.

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  • joyfuljoyous 09-Dec-2014 12:49 Add message | Message poster

    Hello Ladies..I am the plumstead meet up organiser. Apologies for not organising something since. I organised a few meet ups in the summer with nobody turning up but one turning up. The group has grown significantly since then so here is to hoping more people turn up this friday 1:30pm at Cafe Deluxe on griffin road (very close to plumstead station )

  • Catarinas 06-Dec-2014 13:40 Add message | Message poster


    New to the area (Abbey woods) and to the site. I am 36 weeks pregnant and just stopped work yesterday. I would love to meet local friendly mums or mums to be for either hot drinks, lunch, walks or excercise.
    Also does enyone have any suggestions regarding pregnancy yoga and or pregnancy massage services?


  • susiew31 13-Nov-2014 12:45 Add message | Message poster

    Ok see you all tomorrow then. Susie

  • Cath1000 12-Nov-2014 13:14 Add message | Message poster

    Hi I can do Friday at fp cafe

  • beefos 12-Nov-2014 12:39 Add message | Message poster

    that works for me. see you then :)

  • susiew31 11-Nov-2014 13:38 Add message | Message poster

    Shall we meet at the Fire Power Cafe for a change at 1pm?

  • beefos 10-Nov-2014 17:28 Add message | Message poster

    Congratulations catherine.

    Friday is good for me. is it still 1pm?

  • Zoeyamara 10-Nov-2014 15:49 Add message | Message poster

    Friday is good for me :)

  • susiew31 10-Nov-2014 13:40 Add message | Message poster

    Hi Catherine. Congratulations on the birth of your baby :-)

    I think the best day for everyone is Friday if people are free.

    I will also look at the FB Page

  • Cath1000 10-Nov-2014 13:30 Add message | Message poster

    Hi ... I have had my baby now! I think I could meet up later this week?

  • erique7 10-Nov-2014 13:19 Add message | Message poster

    I might be free to meet up this week.

    Also I've set up a FB group for local parents to share events / buy & sell etc - it's under Royal Arsenal Parents - feel free to join!


  • beefos 10-Nov-2014 12:56 Add message | Message poster

    Hi ladies I am free any day this week :)

  • susiew31 07-Nov-2014 11:57 Add message | Message poster

    Hi All. Not sure when we are next meeting up. Any plans anyone?

  • beefos 31-Oct-2014 08:20 Add message | Message poster

    Hi ladies I completely forgot about meeting last week but I am up for meeting next week. I will be sure to keep an eye on the messa board.