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Strong Move Removal Company


We are strong and we can move it. If you need one company for planning, packing and safely moving your possessions from one point to another, look no further. Our technicians have the perfect combination of know-how and heavy-lifting skills.

Getting the load off your hands has never been so easy and and we reckon our removal firm is the most cost-efficient on the London market. We strive to transport your inventory in a timely manner as it is also compulsory to deliver it safe and sound.

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  • BlancheGrant

    10-Feb-2015 Report

    The BEST Removal company EVER! Fast, efficient, worked with finesse and pleasure. When I unboxed my stuff I found zero broken items. I am so impressed with their job... strongly recommend!

  • janethemum1

    14-Aug-2014 Report

    We were on the move from Camden to Thornton Heath. I know it sounds weird but that was the situation. I was looking for a quality mover who could lend us a hand with the heavy furniture. There was almost no hold time and all of it was delivered on time. I also liked the moving team - both bright and charming lads with broad shoulders for carrying stuff.

  • LydiaNicholls

    12-Jun-2014 Report

    It was really an excellent removals service, without a single mistake or misplaced item. I mentioned that we haven't even packed our stuff and the operator suggested they took care of that as well. We hardly had the time to choose a new flat so what's left for taking care of such boring things as packing. The team came with some bubble wrap and plastic and made sure that everything was for the move. Our stuff was delivered on time and the price was just right for our pockets.

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