Vintage Vision


We're a group of women who have developed a social enterprise centred on a vintage clothes shop! We range in ages from early 20s to more than that - and some are almost (but not quite) antique! We're from a range of backgrounds and originate from all over the UK but are now living in Abergavenny and the surrounding area.
We all volunteer in the shop, which is the ideal place to meet new friends. Some volunteers are in the shop for a couple of hours a few times a month, those with more time on their hands volunteer every week, but all agree it is a fun and rewarding place to be. Some of the volunteers know a lot about vintage clothes, some know very little but are learning fast. If you want to join our volunteer team, contact Amanda via the website or on 0781 8168955. Naturally you are welcome to just drop in to browse and buy too!

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