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Baby, yoga and birth with Jessica James

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Jessica James offers classes for people interested in an open-minded, holistic and energising approach to birth. With gentle yoga, supportive, knowledgeable advice and a focus on a positive, active birth experience on your own terms, Jessica's classes give parents the confidence and practical skills for pregnancy, birth, and new parenthood.

Jessica's antenatal classes include pregnancy yoga, couples classes for birth and parenting, and post-natal classes for mothers and babies.

Classes start from about 24 weeks in pregnancy and continue weekly until your baby's birth. Please note no-one is excluded who is unable to pay and concessionary rates are always available.

Please get in touch with Jessica for more information or take a look at the website for FAQs, testimonials and a list of Jessica's trusted birth and baby service providers.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • MNUser

    17-Apr-2016 Report

    I attended Jessica's yoga sessions, and classes with my partner, in 2014. I / we found them brilliant preparation for having a baby. The yoga provided time to focus calmly every week on the fact I was having a baby, as well as learning / practising breathing techniques and getting to know the other women in a safe and nurturing space. The classes helped us feel informed, prepared, excited, relaxed and empowered about having our baby. It was special getting to know the other couples in this environment. Jessica was skilled at helping us form our own support group and we have formed lasting friendships. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jessica's classes and am contacting her about a refresher class now that we are expecting our second baby.

  • PixiePie15

    15-Mar-2016 Report

    I attended Jessica's class from April 2015 until my daughters birth in July 2015. It then continued as a post natal group until around October. The whole process was invaluable.....I am not a holistic person (or at least I didn't think i was) and was beyond terrified of actually giving birth but Jessica made the experience much less scary and I managed to give birth drug free. It was also amazing to have my partner go through the process too so he was so helpful and involved both through my pregnancy and on the day. I would recommend this package to every pregnant women in London!!!!

  • Bj007

    28-Sep-2015 Report

    We did Jessica's classes in 2014 and they were incredibly helpful and I looked forward to them every week. We ended up a tight knit group of friends and Jessica's advice was always very considered and helpful. I would highly recommend Jessica's classes to anyone who is pregnant.

  • breezles

    19-Aug-2015 Report

    Jessica provided me with a comprehensive set of mental and physical tools, as well as much warmth and support to steer me through the crazy journey that is pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.

    The antenatal yoga gave me opportunity to get to know other mothers due around the same time as me, as well as keeping me active and later on in the pregnancy provided some much needed enforced relaxation. The antenatal classes are invaluable and provide a lot of information and useful techniques for the birth that both my partner and I used. I found Jessica's lessons prepared my mindset to aim for the birth I wanted to have but to be flexible and not panic should the birth take an unpredicted turn. Post-natally, a time when my hormones were high and sleep was scarce the classes gave a safe space to talk about our experiences, offer tips and share information about our newborn's.

    I would definitely recommend Jessica's classes for a nurturing, realistic and holistic approach.

  • Bendora

    26-Nov-2013 Report

    I could not recommend Jessica James's antenatal classes more highly. She delivers a personalised approach that she has clearly developed over the years and comes with a wealth of experience. Her focus is on natural birth, but she also provides support and information on caesareans and various interventions and pain relief without ever seeming preachy or judgemental. I found her classes - the yoga, antenatal couple's course and postnatal sessions - an invaluable source of information and support. And the relationships you make with the other mums is equally indispensable - two years later, our group is still tight! The 'yoga' is actually more focused on breathing, gentle stretching and functions more as a support group and a time to focus on the baby and how you're feeling, which is very nice, but hardcore yogis might be a bit disappointed. The couples' antenatal course provides a chance to learn alongside your partner about birth and beyond and as well as answering your burning questions in a way that responds to your individual situation, really prepares your partner to be able to support you during labour and have more of a sense of knowledge and usefulness. The postnatal sessions are a welcome forum to reconnect with everyone after the big event and help you through those early days. Jessica offers generous concessions, which as a full-time PhD student was very welcome indeed. Now that I'm pregnant with my second, I'm looking forward to Jessica's refresher course! The courses offered by the NHS are a joke in comparison.

  • Pril0909

    26-Feb-2013 Report

    I would really recommend Jessica's Pregnancy yoga and Couple's classes. The former is a really good activity and chance to meet other women at the same stage as you. We recently completed the couple's classes as we are near our due date, these were almost more useful for my partner, who has less chance to meet other men going through the same thing with the same type of questions (as friends are not at the same stage as us). Overall the two lots of classes have given me (us) a thorough preparation for childbirth- cannot imagine having been without.

  • Hackneydoula

    18-Jan-2013 Report

    Just wonderful! I got an enormous amount out of the classes - particularly the postnatal group. Now that I'm a doula I suggest them to all my clients.

  • anotherstokiemum

    17-Jan-2013 Report

    Jessica's classes were amazing and I highly recommend them to ALL my pregnant friends. Jessica is so calm and knowledgeable and a great support during difficult experiences. I made some great friends who proved invaluable and fantastic fun for the adventure of motherhood and I still consider some of my best friends 4 years later.

  • FOGmmy

    16-Jan-2013 Report

    Going to Jessica's classes was the best decision we made. I'm not at all athletic, but doing the yoga from 20 weeks gave me space and time to prepare both physically and mentally for the birth. It also meant that the mums had time to get to know each other, so by the time our partners joined for the couples class, they were coming into a friendly, open space - there was no awkwardness. Jessica is respectful, kind and wise, and she gives women and their partners confidence to think about and prepare for giving birth and parenting. Her classes brought us together as a couple and empowered us to have the natural birth we wanted, but never with any sense that a more interventionist birth would have been a 'failure'. In turn, they also set us up positively in our new roles as parents. We couldn't be more grateful to Jessica, and never hesitate to recommend her classes to other mums and dads-to-be.

  • upsydaisy36

    15-Jan-2013 Report

    I really enjoyed these classes. Not only because it has prepared us for the birth of our daughter but also because we could share our thoughts and worries with other parents who are now our friends and we still meet every week. Jessica is very knowledgeable and shares her wisdom in a very homely environment, she also invites mothers and fathers from previous groups to come and tell their birth stories which is very interesting. I would highly recommend this for any first time pregnant couples.

  • TheStrawberryPicker

    15-Jan-2013 Report

    Jessica's classes are gentle, never pushy or didactic, yet managed to inspire us with unbelievable confidence when approaching the challenge of giving birth for the first time. Jessica's warmth and experience has made her a trusted advisor, and her class was the place where we met our dearest friends among nearby new parents. Well worth it in every respect!

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