Birth & Postnatal Doula -Sue Boughton

Hackney wide

Giving birth is such a momentous occasion in a woman's life which will be remembered for ever. I believe that the vast majority of women can give birth naturally, without medical intervention. Women need to have confidence and believe in their body's innate ability to give birth.
I want you to have an amazing and empowering experience! I will support you emotionally and physically throughout your pregnancy, birth and into the early postnatal period. I'm a member of Doula UK and I've been a birth doula since 2006. My birth doula package includes antenatal and postnatal meetings with you and your partner [where appropriate] sharing information to help you make informed choices about your maternity care. I'm on call for your birth 24/7 from 38 weeks to 42 or more! I will support you emotionally and physically to help you have the best experience possible given what happens on the day...
I support new mothers and families adapt to their new circumstances with ease and confidence, I can help with feeding, settling your baby, light housework, preparing food and whatever you you need to make your transition into parenting easier ! Please email me for more information, thanks Sue

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