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Hackney wide

Hi - I am a personal stylist based in Harold Wood - halfway through my pregnancy now, but when I was first pregnant, I found it really hard to get over the fact that I won't fit into my clothes for the next 7 or so months. After irrational tears and tantrums around what to wear when I got up each morning (well, I am pregnant, i'm allowed to be irrational aren't I!!), i've embraced my new figure and have been experimenting with how to show off my bump without losing my figure behind maternity clothes. Personally I don't feel they do much for you or your self esteem, especially when you are already feeling like you are going through so many changes and making sacrifices, why should your figure be one of them!!
If you feel like me and like you you still deserve to be a yummy mummy to be then please get in touch and let me help you get that fashionista back from beyond the bump!!!

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