Hatha Yoga Class

London Fields

Hatha based yoga class every Wednesday in East London. All ages and abilities welcome! Day time and evening classes available. Booking in is essential so please contact Hannah on 07805 010 962 or via the yogaflameuk facebook page.

Coming home to your own body and bringing balance to your life.

A combination of dynamic poses, Yin yoga and breathing techniques, this class will benefit you both mentally and physically; helping you to relax and reduce stress, whilst gently increasing strength and flexibility.

Working with the core, we give you the tools to connect more deeply with your breath (your life-force) and your energy. We use intuition-inspired progressive sequencing to ‘undo' the body, by stretching and releasing connective tissue and freeing the spine.

You don't have to be flexible to practice yoga! This class welcomes all ages and abilities.

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