Baby Massage with Katrina Miles


Baby Massage - an amazing introduction to the power of positive touch.

Our need to be touched, held and stroked is an instinct that remains with us our entire lives. This need is heightened in infancy - touch being a major form of communication for a newborn (alongside the essential arts of crying and gurgling)!

Working with four main focuses of baby massage; interaction, stimulation, relaxation and relief; this 5 week course will be baby-led and include:
-A comprehensive full body massage routine
-Passive body stretches
-Mobility & strengthening movements
-Some reflexology points to use as part of a brief treatment on the feet
Plus stretching, breathing and relaxation exercises for you, the massage giver.

£65 for the 5 week course also includes a course manual and a bottle of organic baby oil.
For babies from 6 weeks to pre-crawling.
One to one sessions also available.

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