Changes to SEND law--what's happening when

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23 October 10am--2pm.

New rules for SEN explained. The Children & Families Act 2014 phases out Statements of SEN. If your child has a Statement then (provided they're still eligible) it will change into an Education, Health & Care Plan by March 2018. If they're over 16 and have a Learning Difficulty Assessment, they need to request a transfer.
If all this is news to you, you are not alone! So come to a free friendly meeting & find out what's happening. We will even give you lunch.

PLUS: A Local Offer for Hackney
Have a look at the Local Offer.
Is it easy to use? What changes would you make?
If you want a special meal (eg Kosher) or a space in the creche, give us a call by 19 October.

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