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The Tempest


  • London Theatre Workshop, Fulham

  • London Theatre Workshop, 65 New Kings Road, London, SW6 4SG

  • http://londontheatreworkshop.co.uk/the-tempest/

  • £12 (adults) £9 (children)

  • 13-Oct-15 to 13-Oct-20

  • Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, 7.30pm every evening (2.30pm Saturdays)

  • 6 years to Adult

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • LTWFulham

    13-Oct-2015 Report

    Looking for something different to excite your children's minds and enrich/supplement their study in English and Drama?

    Why not come down to the London Theatre Workshop in Fulham before 'The Tempest' ends on the 24th of October?

    As Prospero hangs up his enchanted cloak, Shakespeare sets down his quill for the last time. As the horizons of the known world grow larger, through discovery and colonisation of brave new worlds, Shakespeare magics up a prescient and timely tale of power, servitude, and enslavement.

    An uncharted island, a banished duke turned sorcerer, his “uncivilised” daughter, a begrudging sprite indentured into servitude, and an enraged, enslaved Island native, all are brought to life on the stage.

    Every moment of The Tempest bursts to life in surprising, shocking and new ways. What results is a visual and aural kaleidoscope of senses, impressions and experiences. Join us as we use music, movement, and the stuff that dreams are made on to breathe new life into this classic play!

    Directed by Associate Producer of London Theatre Workshop, Brandon Force, director of 2014's critically acclaimed Romeo & Juliet.

    Production Photos by Cameron Slater Photography.

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