Half Term in Hammersmith & Fulham

Football Club Old Oak Community Hammersmith
13-May-13 to 13-May-15
disabled access

Football skills and drill, followed by a penalty shoot out practice and match! Prize for the man of the match!

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Gambado Chelsea Half Term Fun Gambado Chelsea Hammersmith & Fulham wide
24-May-13 to 24-May-15
disabled access

So much on at Gambado Chelsea this May Half Term!!!

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Playball Playdate Eddie Catz Putney Hammersmith & Fulham wide

Kids love holidays and what better way to spend it than being active, expending energy and having fun! Bring your little ones for a morning filled with a range of Playball's favou...

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Mini-Engineers LEGO Eddie Catz Putney Hammersmith & Fulham wide

Has your child ever wondered how city streets are designed or what type of planning goes on behind the scenes? In this workshop, children will not only have the opportunity to...

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Dynamic Dance Frozen Workshop Eddie Catz Putney Hammersmith & Fulham wide

Children will learn routines and songs from the popular 'Frozen' movie over the course of the morning. Children are encouraged to dress up in Frozen costumes and we will present a...

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Little House of Science Eddie Catz Putney Hammersmith & Fulham wide

During the workshop the children will learn about the genius Italian inventor, scientist and artist. We will talk about Leonardo's flying machines, explore his famous mirror...

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